Before you start Jump/Play

  • REMOVE any large or loose jewellery to protect yourself, other jumpers & the trampoline equipment

  • EMPTY your pockets – you don’t want to lose anything!

  • Take off all Watches; Fit bits; Hats and Glasses and other head/wrist accessories

  • NO food, drink or chewing gum whilst jumping

  • Please DO NOT jump if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • DO NOT jump if you have health limitations or pre-existing injuries - see your Doctor if you are unsure

  • JumpDeck grip socks must be worn on trampolines at ALL times. No JumpDeck socks - no jumping

General Park Safety Rules

  • Always jump within your own ABILITY

  • ONE person per trampoline

  • Be AWARE of other jumpers around you - give way to smaller children

  • No double bouncing

  • Always bounce in the CENTRE of the trampoline

  • Do NOT land on the trampoline padding

  • Only ever land on TWO FEET, your back or on your bottom

  • NO running/racing/climbing up the walls

  • No mucking around, wrestling, pushing or shoving allowed

  • No tricks over the pads (from one tramp to the next)

  • You can do flips and bounce off the sidewalls but you must land on the trampoline directly next to it after your flip/bounce

  • No sitting down/resting on the trampolines

Court Rules

Free Jump

1 Person Per Trampoline.

Maximum of 30 People at one time.

No climbing up the trampolines.

No Sitting on the trampolines.

Be careful whilst moving between Trampolines.

No balls allowed in the Free Jump area.



Maximum of 16 players – 8 per side – One per trampoline.

No Climbing up the trampoline mats.

Throwing of balls only -‘No kicking’.


o   No hits above the shoulder

o   No team mates on the sidelines are allowed to retrieve opponents balls.

o   A player can only hold the ball for a maximum of 10 Seconds.

o   If you catch the opponents ball, the thrower is out and one of your players can return to the court.

o   At the end of 7 minutes, the team with more players win.

o   4 Minutes overtime in the event of a tie.


Super Jump

Area is limited to 10 people – Additional people are allowed (up to 15 in total) in the area but strictly one person per trampoline.

If busy no jumping from trampoline to trampoline.

Do not throw Cushion

Cushion to remain in the pit.

No access to Free Jump area from Super Jump

Must jump onto wall, no climbing or pulling other people up. If they can’t get up they shouldn’t be up there.

No Jumping from standing position

One Rotation Flips only

Jumpers under 110cm height must accompany by an adult. Not individual entry if under 110 cm height.


Ball Pit

Maximum of 15 people in the area at any time.

No throwing of balls at other people.

Stay above the surface of the balls at all times.

If busy you must leave the ball pit after each jump.

Wait until the previous jumper is clear of the ball pit before entering.

No sitting on the edge of the pit.

Do not kick the Balls


Cushion Central

1 Person per lane.

Do not throw Cushion blocks

Once you have jumped - clear the foam pit before the next person jumps.

Start on Trampoline – No run ups.

No Balls.